Manali, Couple's Destination for Honeymoon

February 24, 2021

Manali, Couple's Destination for Honeymoon

Just Married?? Want to be at a place that spellbinds you?? A cozy evening tryst with a nip in air, sitting in a musical café or soaking your feet in the stream of river along with your partner. Then, Manali in Himachal Pradesh is the destination for you, “lovey doves”. Couple’s honeymoon destination to spend some romantic time with each other. Away from the traffic, where you can listen to the sounds of nature through songs sung by birds, gush of flowing river, blowing breeze and silence of falling snow. With all these, you will be commencing a new life with your partner, an erstwhile lover or an arranged one by parents. Wow! It sounds so pleasing. And why it should not? Manali is an enticing Honeymoon Destination. Named after sage Manu, Manali is nestled in Himachal’s mountain ranges at the end of Kullu Valley. Place is not less than a paradise on earth and has become a famous tourist destination, be it for couples, friends or whole family. Its pleasant climate plays a pivotal role in attracting tourists from all over India and world. Plus, having all facilities one wants during a vacation makes it a place to be. So, be it summers or winters, Manali is apt to visit at any time of the year.

  • In Summers, temperature stays between 10-to-30-degree Celsius (March till June)
  • In Winters, temperature fluctuates in the range -3 to 10 degree Celsius (September till February)
  • Monsoon, it ranges between 11-to-18-degree Celsius (July till end of August)

What to see on a Honeymoon...??

1.Hidimba Devi Temple

A blessing at Hidimba Temple is a good start of an excursion in Manali. This temple is located around 2 km from city center in old Manali. The auspicious temple had been set up 1000s of years ago to commemorate Goddess Hidimba, wife of Bheem (one of the Pandvas). Surrounded by cedar trees and lofty snowcapped mountains is a beautiful resemblance of amalgamation of religious structure with nature.

Temple has beautiful carved wooden doors, which has depictions of goddess Durga, animals, dancers, etc.

2.Solang Valley

Around 14 km from Manali, on the way to Rohtang pass, is located a side valley between Beas kund and Solang Village. This valley has no dearth of scenic beauty along with thrill of adventure sports, to bring a hint of excitement during a Honeymoon trip.  Zorbing, paragliding, Quad biking, Camping, etc are a few to name with many more thrilling activities couples could enjoy in the valley.

3.Rohtang pass

Manali without Rohtang pass in your list to go is incomplete. Located at a staggering altitude of around 4000 m, 50 km away from the town. Its speciality…

  • Imagine making snow balls and throwing, laughing at each other is for sure experientially blissful. Making snow mans, sledging and playing with the pristine crumbly snow brings an usher of joy to anyone.
  • Shrouded with snow all around makes it irresistible to capture picturesque views.
  • And don’t miss snaps with fluffy-puffy-cute angora rabbits
  • How about some hot Maggie with a cup of chai to slurp on in the snowy surrounding? Don’t miss that.

4. Manikaran Sahib

Another affiliation of man-made set ups and marvel of mother nature, Manikaran town is 80 km from Manali township along the sacred river Parvati.

It has many pilgrim centers which primarily includes many temples and a gurdwara in the small town. Not just beautiful mountains surround the town, but hot spring here has been always a tourist attraction. No matter how cold it is, hot spring water is always capable of cooking rice by just dipping in it.

It is said that whoever has come to this place does not need to go to any other sacred place. And a dip in hot water relaxes one’s body, turns out be a natural hot spa gifted by mother nature.

5. Other things to do in Manali for couples


  • Relishing food in some exquisite café and restaurants is an add on to a Honeymoon in Manali. There are many places having a romantic ambience and sumptuous food to try out. A few are…
    • Casa Bella Vista – famous wood fired pizzas and its open-air romantic seating arrangement
    • The Lazy Dog – has lip smacking deserts to try out.
  • Manali is also known as a Resort town, has wide range of hotel and home stays. So, either you are looking for a pocket friendly adobe or a luxurious stay, it has all. Among many few are.
    • Shivalya Retreat
    • Kaivalya Retreat - The Spiritual Luxury