Kinnaur - Overview

Area: 6,401 kms.
Language: Hindi-English-Kinnauri

Go traveling if you believe in discovering the world on your own as traveling to unknown places might bless you a chance to discover yourself. Kinnaur is nature’s favorite place where beauty and tranquility go hand-in-hand.

Kinnaur is one the twelve districts of Himachal Pradesh, spreading up to the Tibetan border and a home to majestic mountain ranges and scenic valleys depicting a rare combination of cultural and ethnic diversity i.e. Hinduism to Buddhism beliefs. It has a sprawling route that takes you to an era where you uncover the glimpses of Indo-Tibetan historic reminance. On this beautiful land, you’ll discover an array of slate-roofed temples, never-ending apple & apricot orchards, deep gorges, snow-capped mountain ranges and plunging roads.

People of Kinnaur are very warm and friendly as they are mainly indulged into farming and fruit cultivation. Hard working, simple and welcoming… Kinnaur people make you feel at home. They dressed simply in their traditional wear and get you a chance to be a part of their rich cultural values. Drive along the interior places to see the real living of hilly areas, you’ll be blown away by the lush green fields passing across the multiple dam projects running on the Sutlej river.

Places To Visit In Kinnaur :-
Let's know these places in brief;

Chitkul is the last village in situated in Kinnaur District.It is near the Indo-China border.The Height of the Chitkul is 3,450 Metres(11,320 ft).This place mostly remains covered with the snow during winters.Potatoes grown in the Chitkul are also famous in the world.These Potatoes are very costly.Mathi Temple is situated in Chitkul village.

Rakcham Village
Rakcham village is also the main attraction of Kinnaur.Also famous Baspa river flows in the right side of the village.The Height of the Rakcham is 2,900 Metres.There are two Temples in Rakcham dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali.


Sangla is a Riverside valley in Kinnaur District.Apple Orchards are there in Sangla.April-September is the best time to visit Sangla.You can buy Kinnauri Shawls,Woolen Socks and Silver jewellery studded with Tibetan pearls.Tourists can do Glacier Trekking in  March and April.

Kamru Fort
Kamru Fort is situated in Sangla.This is 2,700 Metres above the sea level.Kamru Fort was made by Lord Badhrinath Ji thousands of year ago.There are 26 Crore Gods and Goddess inside the Fort.There is also a shrine to Kamakhya Devi inside the Fort campus.This was brought there many years ago fro  Assam.It is about 2 Kms from the Beautiful Sangla Valley.

Reckong Peo
Reckong Peo is the main market of Kinnaur District.This is also known as Peo by local peoples of Kinnaur.Height of Reckong Peo is 2,290 Metres from sea level.

Chandika Devi Temple
Chandika Devi Temple is situated in Kothi village.This Temple is 1 KM far from the Reckong Peo Market.This also a main tourist attraction in Reckong Peo.

Kalpa is a small town above the Reckong Peo.Elevation of Kalpa is 2,960 Metres above sea level.Kalpa is famous for its Apple orchards.Many temples are situated in Kalpa.dedicated to both Hindu and Buddhist Gods and Goddesses.India's first ever voter also belongs to Kalpa named Shyam Saran Negi.Roghi village and Suicide point are also famous in Kalpa.

How to Reach

Access by Air:
You can catch a flight at the nearest airport Jubbar Hatti about 244 kms away from Kinnaur.

Access by Rail:
No railway station of its own, you can board a narrow gauge railway station at Shimla which is about 250 kms away.

Access by Road:
All the corners are well-connected by road. Use the State Transport buses or hire a private taxi for a convenient trip.

Tours in Kinnaur

Exclusive Kinnaur Tour Package

Shimla-Sarahan-Kinnaur-Sangla-Chittkul-Reckong Peo-Kalpa
5 Nights/6 Days
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Kinnaur Valley Tour From Delhi

Shimla-Kinnaur-Sangla-Chitkul-Reckong Peo-Kalpa
6 Nights/7 Days
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Unexplored Kinnaur Kalpa Sangla Tour From Chandigarh

Sarahan-Kinnaur-Sangla-Chitkul-Reckong Peo-Kalpa
6 Nights/7 Days
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Peaceful Kinnaur Valley Tour From Shimla

4 Nights/5 Days
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